Attribute Name Change

The attributes play a very important role in the SC Navigator platform, as this is how you provide the data to the various applications and also how the application shared data among them. However, as the applications change over time, and we gather new insight based on feedback from the user we will change them from time to time.

The impact of this change is limited. You can still use all the old configurations, datasets and scenarios, that you have created before, without any problem. You can still use your old Excel templates with that, but Data Navigator will give a warning if you upload a file that contains attributes that have been renamed. It will just be a warning, and you are still able to save the data, of course, the model will store the data in the database under a new name.

Center of Gravity 2.24.01

In this version (released September 2020) the following attribute have been renamed.

Excel Sheet

Old Attribute

New Attribute

Supplier Data


Maximum Capacity

Resource/DC/Production Data


Available (DC)

Resource/DC/Production Data

Production Available

Available (Production)