Center of Gravity starts on the home page. This page helps you get an initial Center of Gravity.

Load Data

  1. Click Load Configuration.
  2. Select a configuration by checking the appropriate box in the Selected column, and click Load Selected. The configuration created in Data Navigator is loaded.
  3. Click Load Dataset to confirm your selection.
  4. Select a dataset from the loaded configuration and click Load Selected. The data imported from your Excel file into the SC Navigator database will be loaded.
  5. Click Go to Map to go back to the home page. Your locations from the loaded data will appear on the map.

Determine Center(s) of Gravity


Click the AIMMS icon to run Determine Center(s) of Gravity. The procedure determines the Center(s) of Gravity, given the visible demand and/or supply locations and any fixed resources included in your data. By default, a single center of gravity is calculated.

On the Demand Distribution pages you can specify, e.g., whether you want to take the demand/supply load into account. On the Review pages you can review your input data.

In the action menu widget-actions for the map, you can find the following options:

  • Reset Map Area - Reset the visible area of the map so that all locations are visible.
  • Show All Resources - Toggles between showing existing resources on the map and hiding them. Fixed resource locations are always displayed. If your dataset does not contain any resources, the Show All Resources option is inactive.