Load Configuration

On this page, you can load and delete existing configurations.

Configuration overview

Load Configuration page

You can see the following information about the configuration in the table:

  • Configuration: The name entered for the configuration.
  • Creator: The name of the user who created the configuration.
  • Creation Date: The date and time the configuration was created.
  • Description: The description entered for the configuration.
  • Selected: Checkboxes to select or deselect the configuration. Selections can then be loaded or deleted using the buttons at the bottom.

Configuration actions

Load Selected

Load the data of this configuration.

After loading, you can download a template to create a dataset, or load an existing dataset.

View settings for a loaded configuration by going to Menu > (app name) Wizard. From there, you can make changes to create a new configuration.

Delete Selected

Delete the selected configuration.


You cannot delete a configuration when there are datasets depending on it. In that case, go to the “Load Dataset” page to delete dependent datasets first.