The Home page serves as a central control panel for your Data Navigator configurations and datasets.

The Select Application Type widget displays the available applications. Use the checkboxes to select an application, and then use the buttons on the right side to accomplish the desired task.


Some new applications are under construction and marked Coming soon.

Load Configuration: Takes you to the Configuration page to select an existing configuration designed for the application you selected in the Select Application Type widget.

Start Wizard: Takes you to the Data Wizard to create a Configuration for the application you selected in the Select Application Type widget.

Import Data: Takes you to the Import Dataset page to upload your filled Data Template as a dataset.

Review Data: Takes you to the Review page to view the data that has been imported.

Data Issues

After importing the Excel file, Data Navigator does a preliminary check to validate the data and its structure. If errors are found, a dialog appears with an overview. From there you can click the button to see Data Errors/Warnings.

This page has tables to help you debug the error. Some tables mark data elements that are wrong:


(Latitudes range from 0 to 90 and Longitudes range from 0 to 180).

Other tables explain the problem in more detail:


All issues are reported so you can determine if and how to fix them.

For instance, in the image above, cell A13 contains comments, and row 12 was the end of the table. This error does not affect the model and does not need to be fixed.

However, the issues in tables marked with “ERROR” in the title MUST be fixed before the data can be saved.

Click the button in the bottom right corner to “Go Back to Import Data” play icon where you can import corrected data (if needed) and save data to the database.