Demand Plan

After exporting data from Demand Forecast, Demand Plan phase must be reinitialized with loading the latest input- and exported dataset. You can read about Loading Dataset in Settings. If you have loaded the needed datasets the application asks again which mode would you like to use. Here select 'Demand Plan'.

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Demand plan chart

This chart shows the statistical forecast, historical forecast and current forecast.


You can see the legend containing the color codes of the data series displayed on the chart.


Demand plan table

You can see here the detailed data on the selected levels.


Filtering data

Demand plan chart and table always show only the filtered data on the selected levels. To select level and use customer or product filter click on the side panel on the right hand side. At the bottom of this page, you can find the current sales selection. After selecting 'current sales' you can see data filtered based on the person's rights. So chart and table contain data of product families that the sales have access to.

Filtering options in detail:

  • Level filtering: you can select any combination of levels from the loaded dataset

  • Customer filter: here you can filter the customers of previously selected level

  • Product filter: here you can filter the products of previously selected level. This panel contains the period filter as well.

  • Page options: here you can select the reference data you want to display, and decide whether you want to see zero values and changed data or not.

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Modify data

Modifiable data are displayed in navy blue in the demand plan table. After any modification, the data in the corresponding hierarchy is recalculated. To change, simply click on the value you want to change and then overwrite it with the new value. The new value will be displayed in green, and dragging the mouse on it, the old value and the amount of change will be displayed in a small window.


The change can be finalized with the save button after you have commented on the change in the Comment field below.



0 data cannot be overwritten: this is because the elementary data arrives daily to preserve seasonality.

Fixing data

This function allows fixing the data on the selected level. After fixing a data it can be no longer modified. To fix the selected value, right-click on the field and select the 'Fix value' option.


If you have changed your mind, you can release the value again by right-clicking on the field and selecting 'Release value'.


Every month is considered closed which has at least one fixed week.

We can publish the modified data to other users. To do this, make a note of the changes in the Comment section (lower right part of the page) and then use the save button in the lower right corner. The data is then processed and transmitted. Other users will be notified of the new change and can download our data using the blue button in the lower right corner.



In the case of multiple users, when someone fixes a period-level combination, it becomes fixed for the others as well. For example, a representative should avoid recording a period-level combination that includes another representative's sales because it also records sales that he or she does not see on the screen.

The software disables fixing combinations for which no strict hierarchical relationship can be defined. In this case, the software sends an error message and tells you which combination to release to be able to fix the wanted customer-location-product-period combination.