Summary Totals

On that page you can review the aggregated forecast for each level as a summary.

Summary totals chart and table

The graph and table represent the following results of the summary:

  • Aggregated historical sales data (Cleaned or raw, depending on your choice)

  • Aggregated proposed forecast for each level (low, medium, high)

../../_images/SummaryTotals_Graph.JPG ../../_images/SummaryTotals_Table.JPG

Summary totals filters


There are three side panel tabs, which function as filters. You can filter the data for aggregation using the checkboxes in each panel for Product, Customer, or Location.

Each checkbox contains all the selectable item in level order (high, medium, low). The items associated with the selected high or medium level item are selected automatically by the app. After the item in brackets you can see how many children item belong to it.

The totals are automatically calculated and displayed for the selected item for lowest selected level and below.

Next steps

From here, you can go to Export results through the Workflow to download the forecast data, or go to the Forecast methods page to change multiple forecast methods for different levels and recalculate.