Getting Started

Demand Forecasting forecasts future demand based on historical sales data.

To fit the best forecast, we select from several mathematical and statistical models:

  • Naive forecast

  • Moving average

  • Exponential smoothing

  • Holt

  • Holt-Winters

  • Croston

There is a built-in machine learning algorithm to select the best method for your data.

Launching the App

To launch Demand Forecasting:

  1. Log into AIMMS PRO. The SC Navigator Applications menu appears.

  2. Click Launch App on the Demand Forecasting tile.


Basic Navigation


A menu icon menu-icon is available at the top center of every screen.

Click to view a menu of available pages in the app.

Pages are grouped in sections:

  • Home: Starting page where you can check KPIs from previous forecast planning.

  • Forecast: Pages where you clean your data and edit your historical data, then create and review the calculated forecast.

  • Settings: Pages for loading data and managing saved solutions for different scenarios.

Loading data

Before you can get to work, you'll need to load a saved Configuration and corresponding Dataset(s).

These have been created in Data Navigator.

After loading the data, you are lead to the Home page where you are able to see details about your dataset, and the properties of the forecast made in a previous period.

Data Cleaning

The app cleans your data automatically when you load your dataset(s).

Go to Data Cleaning to check the results, make manual changes, or accept the proposed data. When you accept all the proposed data changes, the app calculates the forecast and takes you to the Forecast Results page.

If the raw data is good enough, you can navigate directly to the Forecast Results page.

Forecast Review

The calculated forecast can be reviewed and edited here.

Read more about forecast editing features on the Forecast Results page.

Summary Totals

You can review the aggregated forecast for each level here.

Read more about forecast editing features on the Summary Totals page.

Forecast Methods

You can manually select a forecast method and recalculate the forecast for each record.

Read more about selecting forecast methods on the Forecast Methods page.

Export the data

After you finish your forecast planning, you can navigate to the Export Results page and save your data.