Capacity Analysis

  • Monthly Production Volume by Plant

    This table lists the production volume or production time of each resource.

    Volume/Hour can be toggled with the top right widget action. ca_switch_1

  • Resource Utilization

    Capacity Hour, Production Volume, Production Hours, utilization rate by Resource, Location, and total utilization for all resources.

  • Inventory by Location Resource

    SKU inventory at each location.

  • Production Detail by Resource - Product

    Production volume/time by resource;

    Under each resource, there is breakdown of production volume/time of SKUs produced in that resource.

    Hide/show SKU details, and toggle Volume/Hour can be found in top right widget action.|ca_switch_2|

  • Product Flow
    • Demand of a product;

    • Where does a SKU go from a location:

      1. Quantity sent to a customer;

      2. Quantity used in producing other products;

      3. Quantity flow to another resource.