Fulfillment Analysis


This page becomes available when there is unfulfilled demand in current results.

In this page, you can:

  1. Review unfulfillment by product groupings or customer groupings.

  2. Prioritize or define minimum fulfillment rate for selected customers (group) or products (group).

  3. Review results of fulfillment rate on customers or products, discover if the resources of the upstream bill of materials have available production capacity.


Review Unfulfillment

The barchart "Unfulfilled Demand" shows the amount of unfulfilled products by product grouping or customer grouping. You may use the Levels on the sidepanel to toggle grouping. Here is an example of displaying unfulfillment on different product groupings, from highest level to most granular level:


Model Options

Here has the same model options as the Create Business Scenario page.

Set Prioritization Rules

Use customer (group) priority as an example. Product (group) priority follows the same logic.

  1. Check option Customer group priority. A new table Overall fulfillment rate & priority will appear. This table displays the current fulfillment rate, minimum fulfillment rate and priority. The current fulfillment rate is results, the other two can be edited by user.

  2. From the side panel Select Grouping Level, choose the desired level for customers.

  3. Use widget action to display all customers or the ones that are not fully fulfilled.

  4. Once any options are changed, click the Optimize button at bottom right of this page.

Table Fulfillment Exceptions

This table shows the fulfillment rate by customer, location, product. You may customized the groupings in side panel Levels.

If you would like to explore the reasons for unfulfilled products (explained in the next section), please choose the Product Level at SKU level, then click on a cell that is under fulfilled.

The selection can be cleared by the top right widget action. By default this table only shows exceptions. But all fulfillment can be shown by the top right widget action fa_switch.

Available Resource for a product and its Bill of Materials

Once we noticed underfulfillment from the previous table, we would like to find out what might be the capacity bottlenecks to produce that product and the associated intermediate materials. Here is how to trace down that information.


Product Level needs set at SKU level.


Once a cell in Table Fulfillment Exceptions is clicked, the SKU that is associated with this cell is selected and recognized.

On the right, the production resources that makes the SKU will be shown with capacity hour and production hour. Below, the intermediate or raw materials that makes the SKU will be listed. You may click on that and the corresponding resources' capacity and production hour will be listed.

Here is a gif showing steps to bring up relevant tables: