Capacity Input Data

User Accessibility

Supply Review pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or Supply Team.

This page includes three steps:
  • Change the capacity related parameters that are used to calculate the total capacity per month;

  • Review the edited capacity values;

  • Save the changes with comments.


Update Capacity Input

In the table Capacity Input, you can change capacity parameters. There are two situations:

  1. Capacity is defined by break-down parameters:
    • Production Days

    • Production Hours per day

    • Production Lines Available

    • Utilization Limit

    • MAX Utilization Limit (optional)

    and the Capacity Hours of a resource is calculated by the product of the first four: Capacity Hours in a month = Number of Lines * Production Days * Production Hours Per Day * Utilization Limit

    You may change each parameters and review the calculated capacity hours.

  2. Capacity is defined by a single value for each month.

    Production Capacity can be modified directly.

When any change is made in this table, an orange triangle in the changed cells (even if no comment is attached). Differences are displayed in the table Capacity Hours Input Difference beside the comment box below.

Review Changes

Changes are reflected in two places:
  1. In table Capacity Input, there is an orange triangle to show that the corresponding data is different from initial value.

  2. In table Capacity Hours Input Difference, there lists the unsaved changes. Once the save button (see below) is clicked, this table will be emptied.


On the bottom right of this page, there is a button to save the changes. Note that the comment field (Explanation of this Change) is mandatory.