Compare Business Scenarios

User Accessibility

Analytics pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or IR Team.


This section is available when there is at least one business scenario.

  • Table Revenue/Margin: Demand Review, Target, Supply Review

    This table shows revenue/margin data from four aspects: * In phase Demand Review (DR) * Target data * In phase Supply Review (SR) * The difference between SR data and the target

    Use the widget action to toggle monetary values between thousands and millions.

  • Barchart/Linechart Scenario Revenue/Margin

    The barchart shows total scenarios' revenue/margin over the selected planning horizon. The linechart shows trend of scenarios' revenue/margin by period.

    Use the widget action to toggle between revenue and margin.

  • Export scenario

    A scenario can be exported into a dataset that can be loaded with another input data in the next planning cycle. This functionality is useful when referring to an historical plan.

    On the bottom right of this page, there is an export compare_export button. This will bring up a dialog to let you select which business scenario to export, and the name of the output dataset.

  • View a scenario in Create Business Scenario

    Usually the Create Business Scenario shows the solution of a previous solve. What if you would like view one of the previous scenarios on that page.

    You may use the button magnifier on the bottom right of this page, to reflect the results of the selected business scenario. By clicking on this button, you will be navigated to page Create Business Scenario.