Supply Detail

User Accessibility

Analytics pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or IR Team.


This page is available when you click on Compare Business Scenarios page.

This page provides an overview for utilization and inventory of resources in the table, and details in barchart/linechart.

  • Utilization Overview Table

    This table provides an overview for "Inactive" "Under" "Good" "Over" months of each resource.

    • "Inactive" (gray): this resource's utilization is zero

    • "Under" (yellow): lower than 75%

    • "Good" (green): between "Under" and "Over"

    • "Over" (red): higher than utilization limit

  • Inventory Overview Table

    This table provides an overview for number of months that are above max inventory or below min inventory.

    Zero means the inventory is within the range, or corresponding min/max inventory data is not in place.

  • Production barchart Inventory linechart

    The two charts provides visualizations of the selected resource in the above two tables. When a cell in the above two tables is clicked. The corresponding resource's production/capacity, inventory trend will be shown here.

  • Table Production volume

    This table shows for all scenarios, the production volume of each resource.

    The highest volume among all scenarios is colored red.

You can view the selected business scenario in Create Business Scenario, by magnifier button on the bottom right of this page. See details: View a scenario in Create Business Scenario.