Scenario Review - Overview

User Accessibility

Analytics pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or IR Team.


This section is available when there is at least one business scenario.

Adjust Business Scenario(s) and Run Optimization

On this recap page, you can adjust what is included in the business scenarios if needed. The description and the associated demand scenario are shown in the first table, and other details are in the right side panel. Select a business scenario in the top selection box to adjust the following settings:

  • Model options

  • Associated supply V&O(s)

  • Customer group priority (if applicable)

After some details are adjusted, you may want to re-run optimization for all or selected business scenarios. You can do so by making selections in the first table - Select column, then at the bottom right of this page, click on the AIMMS Solve button icon to run optimization for selected business scenarios.


  • Table Business Scenarios

    The first table Business Scenarios lists all business scenarios, along with the corresponding:

    • Description

    • The associated demand scenario

    • Output:

      • Optimization status

      • Revenue

      • Production cost

      • Supplier cost

      • Transportation cost

      • Unfulfilled demand

      • Production overtime

      • Margin

    Use the widget action to toggle monetary values between thousands and millions.

  • Selection Tool View selected planning horizon

    Use this tool to customize the time frame that the following visualizations includes. * When neither is selected. The data includes all possible periods. * When only first period is selected. The data includes data from the first period. * When only last period is selected. The data includes data ending the last period.

  • Table Revenue/Margin: Demand Review, Target, Supply Review

    This table shows revenue/margin data from four aspects: * In phase Demand Review (DR) * Target data * In phase Supply Review (SR) * The difference between SR data and the target

    Use the widget action to toggle monetary values between thousands and millions.

  • Barchart/Linechart Scenario Revenue/Margin

    The barchart shows total scenarios’ revenue/margin over the selected planning horizon. The linechart shows trend of scenarios’ revenue/margin by period.


You can click a business scenario in the above tables or charts to see the related data in the following visualizations.

  • Waterfall chart Scenario Revenue/Margin - Bridging the gap with the selected scenario

    Click on a business scenario to view details in this chart.

    Use the widget action toggle to switch between revenue and margin.

    This chart shows total revenue/margin by several categories:

    • Base: the revenue/margin from Base demand plan demand scenario.

    • Demand V&Os: revenue/margin’s gain or loss from each demand V&O.

    • Target: Revenue Target/Margin Target from input data.

    • Optimized: revenue/margin from fulfilled demand.

  • Linechart Revenue & Linechart Margin

    Click on a business scenario to view details in these charts.

    These two charts focus on the difference between Optimized and Target. One line shows the difference per period. The other line shows the same difference but cumulating previous periods.

  • Table Supply KPI
    This table compares supply KPI between the selected business scenario and the other scenarios.

    Three tables shows details regarding to three Supply KPIs:

    • Production time

    • Production volume

    • Inventory level

  • Table Action List

    This table lists all actions from PMR phase (project actions), and actions from the associated demand VOs and supply VOs. The associated VOs are linked to selected business scenario. You can filter them from the side panel.

    Use widget actions to add/delete actions.