Supply Scenario

User Accessibility

Supply Review pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or Supply Team.


This page appears when the function is enabled in your configuration. To enable, go to step 20 in IBP configuration Data Navigator, and select the option "Include Demand Vulnerabilities and Opportunities."

This page includes three steps:
  1. Create Supply Scenario

  2. Define Supply Scenario

  3. Save


Create a Supply Scenario

When there is no existing created supply scenario, a dialog to create will automatically show up when you come to this page.

To bring up the create dialog manually, click the icon button at bottom right.


Enter a unique name, and optional description, check SVOs that should be included, then click on Create.

Once created, the capacity hours of this supply scenario will be shown on the line chart of this page.


After you are back on the main page, you can still change selected SVOs to be included in each supply scenario. This can be done in the bottom left table Create Supply Scenarios.

Note that the Base Supply Plan does not include any SVO and cannot be changed.


Data on this page needs to be saved by the Save button save_icon on the bottom right of this page.


There are two filters on this page:

  1. Supply scenarios

  2. Resources

Other Information

The bottom right tables list the actions and assumptions of the selected supply scenarios.