Supply Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

User Accessibility

Supply Review pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or Supply Team.


This page appears when the function is enabled in your configuration. To enable, go to step 20 in S&OP configuration wizard, and select the option “Include Demand Vulnerabilities and Opportunities.”

Create Supply V&O

To create a Supply V&O, click the + button at bottom right.


Enter a unique name and a description for this Supply V&O, and click on Create.

Once created, the name will appear in the top left dropdown list, but it still needs to be defined.

Define Supply V&O

Existing Supply V&Os appear in the dropdown list at the top right.

To define the selected Supply V&O, use the top filters to choose a Resource/Location/parameters combination. The table below the filters shows the monthly capacity of the selected resources, and parameters defining the capacity. Supply increases are shown in green, and decreases in red.


Pending changes are highlighted in light blue. To apply the increase/decrease, use the right table to toggle percentage change or fixed change for each highlighted cell.


Table Assumptions shows the assumptions of the selected supply V&O. An assumption can be added/deleted via widget action of this table.

Overview of Supply V&Os

The table on the left bottom shows the total changes on capacity from each Supply V&O. Details of the selected Supply V&O (capacity change of each resource by month) are shown on the bottom right table.