Update Forecast and Capacity

User Accessibility

Supply Review pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or Supply Team.

Update Forecast

Forecast can be updated in the first table. Similarly to the forecast update in the previous two phases, once a change is made, the changes and relative differences appear in the table Forecast Changes beside the comment box below.

When a change and comment are added by clicking Commit Forecast Changes, an orange triangle appears in the changed cells in the Forecast table.

Update Capacity

The table Capacity, below the forecast-related tables, you can change capacity parameters. There are two situations

  1. Capacity is defined by break-down parameters, and the product of them is the production capacity. For example, Total Capacity in a month \(=\) Throughput \(\times\) Number of Lines \(\times\) Production Days \(\times\) Production Hours Per Day \(\times\) Utilization Limit

    In the table, rows of Throughput, Production Days and Number of Lines are listed, after which there is a row of calculated production capacity with 100% utilization limit. Then there is Utilization Limit, Max/Min Inventory allowed. There is a row called “Lines Needed”. This is calculated after an optimization is solved. After the optimization has run, you will get an idea of how much capacity is needed versus the Number of Lines available.

  2. Use a single value for the capacity of a month.

    Production Capacity and Min/Max Inventory allowed are in the table and can be modified.

When any change is made in this table, an orange triangle in the changed cells (even if no comment is attached). Differences are displayed in the table Capacity Changes beside the comment box below.


Deciding which situation is the best fit can be made in step 8 of S&OP Data Wizard: Capacity by # of production days