Demand Review

User Accessibility

Demand Review pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or Demand Team.


On this page user can edit demand numbers accordingly. There are the following areas on this page:

  1. Trend - Line chart

  2. Edit table - Edit demand data

  3. Differences and comment

  4. Side panels for filters and customizing the view

Line chart Demand Trend displays the selected demand and reference data by period.

In Demand table, data is displayed according to the Levels sidepanel for Customer, Location and Product. User may leave a comment for each changed number. When switching to another reporting level, comments stay visible .

An example of marked change after leaving a comment with it:

  • Levels and Filters

    Customers/Products/Locations have structure of Reporting Levels. The side panel Levels provide the space to let you switch to another reporting level.

    Note that the elements in filters may vary depending on the selected level.

    For example, when Product Level is at SKU, which is the most granular level, the elements shown in Product filter includes all SKUs, plus all the group products (below left). When the product reporting level is at Product Family, only product families are displayed in product filter (below right).

  • Restrict Product filter with selected customers

    In a dataset, there might exist thousands of products, which could be overwhelming when looking at product filter. But considering usually a customer only orders a few products, it makes sense to only filter from the products that the selected customers are associated with.

    For example, we only select customers in 'Own Label' group.


    Then, in Product Filter, at the bottom, there is an option Restrict by Customers. Switch it on. Then the elements left in Product Filter becomes the products that are associated with 'Own Label' customers.

  • Page Options

    In this side panel, there are two areas:

    1. You can choose which reference data to include in this page's visualizations.

    2. Three additional page options:

      • Show Zero Rows let rows of zero data appear in the Demand Table.

      • Hide Changed Rows will hide rows where data has been changed.

      • Show all month data despite the forecast window defined in configuration, this option will show all months data.