Demand Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

User Accessibility

Demand Review pages are visible to users logged in as Process Coordinator or Demand Team.


This page appears when the function is enabled in your configuration. To enable, go to step 20 in S&OP configuration wizard, and select the option "Include Demand Vulnerabilities and Opportunities."

On this page, you can set Demand vulnerabilities and/or opportunities (Demand V&O or DVO). A vulnerability is a potential demand drop in the selected time horizon. An opportunity represents a demand increase in the selected time horizon. Both can be applied to a combination of Customer/Location/Product. Specify Increase/Decrease either by percentage, or a fixed value applied to the selected combination.

This page includes the following steps:
  1. Create

  2. Define

  3. Action (optional) Assumption (required)

  4. Switch current DVO

  5. Save

  6. Overview

Create a Demand Vulnerabilities and Opportunities (DVO)

When there is no existing DVO, a dialog to create will automatically show up when you come to this page.

To bring up the create dialog manually, click the icon button at bottom right.

Enter a unique name, choose flag, and optional description for this DVO, and click on Create.

Once created, next you may define details of this DVO on the main page.

Define DVO


Once back to the main page, the name of this DVO will be shown in the big table's title as: Demand with [***]

  1. To define this DVO, first, we need to define the scope : which customers locations products to include, and whether this is a volume change or price change.

    Use the top filters to choose a Customer/Location/Product/Type combination. The table below the filters shows the monthly demand of the selections.

  2. Next, define the changes in table 5.Increase/Decrease. There are two ways.

    1. % Change

      Percentage change is applied to the base demand of the selection. Once a percentage is entered in A, the value change cell will appear as how much value increase/decrease that percent will bring. For example, in cell A, 10% was entered. Then Value Change shows 48,991 value increase.

    2. Value Change

      You may also define how much value increase/decrease to apply in cell B. For example, here 80,000 was entered in cell B. Then cell A shows 8.74% increase.

    The Demand table displays the increases in demand in green, and decreases in red.

  • Special case with Price DVO

    The value of prices will be shown when all levels are on the most granular level.


Action List is optional. Assumptions is required for saving.

Action/assumption can be added/deleted via widget action of the corresponding table. Both tables only show the actions/assumptions that are connected to the current DVO.

Table Assumptions shows the assumptions of the selected demand V&O. An assumption can be added/deleted via widget action of this table.

Switch Current DVO

The current DVO can be toggled from the sidepanel Demand V&O.



After defining DVOs, data needs to be saved by the Save button save_icon on the bottom right of this page.

Overview of DVOs

An overview of created DVOs can be found on the next page.


The top chart shows total demand by month of each DVO vs the base demand.

The table List of Vulnerabilities and Opportunites shows all DVOs created, the total impact on demand.

The table at right shows details of the DVO selected in the left table. Title of this table also reflects the selected DVO.