Demand Plan Phase

User Accessibility

Demand Plan pages are visible to users logged in as Process coordinator or Sales Team.

This set of pages is for Sales Team to update forecast, and see the changes that have been made.

Forecast is listed by each product, customer, and customer location.

Forecast is initialized from attribute Initial Forecast (Customer Product Data tab) from the uploaded file, and only time periods within the Forecast Window are displayed.

Demand Plan

On this page user can edit forecast numbers accordingly. There are three areas on this page:

  1. Customize views and difference

  2. Edit forecast data

  3. Line chart

  4. Side panel

In Forecast table, data is displayed according to the first widget on this page: Selected Level for Customer, Location and Product. The levels are initialized with the first Reporting Level. User may leave a comment for each changed number. Comments stay visible at each reporting level.

An example of comment attached forecast change:


Update Demand Single

On this page Forecast is modified according to each item displayed.

  • Filters

    These widgets filter data to item(s) of interest. Filtering by product family or aggregated customer and location names is also possible.

  • Record of changes table

    Lists the changes made since the Initial Forecast.

  • Comment/note

    Leave a comment/note to the value being modified. When changing multiple values, the same comment will be applied to all changes made when you click Commit Changes.

  • Page Control

    Number of customers displayed (filtered). Use option Include Zero Forecast to show product/customer/location that does not have initial forecast or other reference data. Use option Show Past Month to show data before current months.

  • Viewing comments

    An orange triangle appears on the top right corner of a forecast to indicate a comment for this value. Hover the mouse over this value to view. More comments can be added for the same forecast for a customer/product/location whenever a change is made.

Update Demand Batch

On this page Forecast is modified by batch, with a percentage increase or decrease.

To change multiple products/customers/locations/time period forecasts at one time:

  1. Set the filter so that only forecasts to be changed are displayed.

  2. In Percentage Increase/Decrease, enter the percentage (+ or -). For example, 100 with 5% becomes 105, and 100 with -5% becomes 95.

Other widgets on this page are the same as on Update Demand Single.


This page shows changes made in the Demand Plan phase. For example, a bar chart shows the initial forecast and current forecast side-by-side. The table below lists all (%) changes that have been made. Another table at the bottom allows you to see the comments associated with each change, if any.

  • Forecast Status

As an Account Manager, you must update your forecast status to Initialized, Open, or Finished. The status is then visible to users in the Process Coordinator group. Your status begins as Initialized. When you click Commit Changes, your status becomes Open. When you click Finalize Forecast your status becomes Finished (although you will still be able to make adjustments.)

  • If you are a manager for a group of Account Managers

See the your team members’ status and the last time saved in the table Forecast Status Information. In the column Selected Sales you can choose which team members’ data to view in the update single/batch page. Please note that only the selected sales data will be included the charts/tables on this page.

  • If you are in user group Process Coordinator

There is a download button for you to export ALL Account Managers’ data into an Excel spreadsheet, ordered by Customer, Location, Product, and Period. Besides the current forecast, the download also includes the corresponding forecast reference data, the download date, and finalized date of each forecast.