IBP is part of the SC Navigator suite. It supports every step in your IBP (or S&OP) process with features that are unique in the market, such as integrating products still in the ideation phase. You can use it to:

  • Create projects for new products and manage each project through different stages, from idea to business case, development, test & value, and launch.

  • Create vulnerabilities and opportunities for both demand and supply, and use these to create multiple demand and supply scenarios for evaluation

  • Visualize the performance of previous plans and understand the gap to strategy of the current plan

In IBP, there are five key phases: Project Management, Demand Plan, Demand Review, Supply Review, and Management Review.

  • In the Project Management phase, you can create projects for new product development.

  • In the Demand Plan phase, each member in the sales team can update the forecast of products specific to customers at different locations.

  • In the Demand Review phase, Demand Managers can adjust the amount of demand on the aggregated product family level.

  • In the Supply Review phase, Supply Managers are involved to provide capacity/supply input, and create production plans that balance demand and supply. Business Scenarios are created.

  • In the Management Review phase, Leadership can analyze financial impacts by creating and comparing different scenarios. This provides tangible comparisons when it comes to determining your planning for the next 3-18 months.