Data Issues

This page is only visible if there is missing data after you load results from a previous run. A lot of the data specified in the PMR phase depends on periods. If you load data from the previous run, and there are new periods in the application, there is no data for these new periods.

IBP has build in logic to calculate that new data or give you a warning. In this table, you can see the outcome of that calculation.


In case the existing data is constant, IBP assumes that the data stays constant in the new periods and will update that data accordingly. In the table, these items are marked as This data has been automatically filled. In case the data is not constant, IBP will not update any data, but indicates for what periods the data is missing. The message in that case will be There is data missing for 1 periods: May 21.

Once IBP gives you the message that there is missing data, there are two ways to fix this. The first way is by selecting a period in the column Select Period. In that case, IBP copies the data from the selected period to the missing periods. (And the message updates accordingly). The second way is by going to the page that holds that data, and update it there manually. After you have fixed the data, the message will be extended with The data has been adjusted manually.

It is possible that certain data is empty in the future periods. In that case, you can clear the error status by clicking on the check mark in the lower right corner with text Mark Issues as Resolved. This will mark any still outstanding missing data with the message This is accepted/correct.

If all the issues are fixed, the page will disappear from the workflow as soon as you leave the page.