Project Overview

The previous pages where focused on a particular project. In this page, you can see an overview of all your projects, where they are and how they are doing.

Funnel Overview

The table gives a quick overview where each project is in each period.


Each cell in the table indicates where a particular project is in a given period. This is indicated by both the text as well as the cell background color.

Funnel Summary

This summary gives you a quick overview of the current status of the various projects.


The numbers, in this table, have the following meaning:

  • Number of Projects: The number of projects currently in each of the five phases.

  • Demand: The expected demand for each of the five phases.

  • Weighted Revenue: The expected revenue in each of the five phases.

  • Weighted Margin: The expected margin in each of the five phases.

(Weighted) Demand Forecast

On page, Demand, you have seen the (expected/weighted) demand per project. In this table, you see the total (expected/weighted) demand, which is the expected demand summed over all projects.


The top line is the demand (unweighted), and the bottom line the expect/weighted demand. The expected/weighted demand is the demand multiplied by the change of success.

Revenue & Margin

The last two bar charts on this page contains the expect/weighted Revenue and Margin over all the projects.


These two charts provide insight in the revenue and margin contribution of all new projects over time.