This page displays information on flows to Customers.

The bar chart Drive Time Distribution gives you an idea of how many flows reach Customers within certain drive time ranges.


The table Distance and Duration from Resource to Customer below shows distances.

The table Customer Details shows the demand forecast values. You can also mark if a customer should be single-sourced.

The initial data is pulled from the currently loaded dataset.

Data can be edited here, and you can rerun the model after making changes. Note that after doing so, the active solution will not be consistent with the saved dataset, but can be saved as a new Scenario.

For more details see How to use Scenarios.

Adjust Demand

You can adjust the demand forecast to find out how it affects your results.

  1. Select the Product, Customer, Location, and Period for which to modify the forecast. You can select individual items, like “Aalborg,” or groups, like “South-East(132).” (The number in parentheses shows how many items are in the group.)
  1. After you select criteria, the model highlights, in green, the values in the Customer Demand table that will be affected by an increase or decrease in the demand forecast. To view only the affected (highlighted) values, click on the widget actions icon in the top right corner of the table while focus is on this table. The Highlighted Demand shows the total demand for the selected combination of Product, Customer, Location, and Period.
  2. Specify the percentage change that the model should apply to the highlighted demand values. Enter an explanation for the adjustment in the Description field.
  1. Apply the change by clicking on the plus icon in the bottom right corner of the page. The change is applied and recorded in the table in the bottom right corner.
  1. The table shows the actual change in the demand forecast based on the percentage you entered. Hover over the impact value to see the description you recorded.
  1. To restore the original Customer Demand data from dataset, click plus icon and click Yes, reset demand data to confirm.