The Production page displays the solution of the model for the production facility nodes (typically plants or factories).

The maps shows the production locations, with the standard coloring convention. Nodes that are colored black are closed production facilities, white nodes are open facilities, yellow nodes are open facilities that are close to their capacity and red nodes are nodes that are about their capacity.

The bar chart Open Location Capacity versus Utilization shows the actual utilization versus the capacity for each production facility. This gives you an idea of which production facilities are being under-utilized or which facilities are close to their capacity.


The table Production Usage and “Production Usage By Product” shows details about usage and capacities of the production facilities (supported by the visualization in the bar chart mentioned before). The table Production Usage shows this for all production facilities. As usual, the numbers in blue can be changed, after which the model needs to be solved again. To find out what would happen to the network if certain production facilities are forced open or closed, you can make selections in the checkboxes and click Optimize (AIMMS icon) to solve again.


The table “Production Usage By Product” shows that by default the data for the selected resource and location combination only. You can show this for all facilities via the widget action “Show data for all resource and locations” as you see here:


After you click on that widget action, you see the data for all combinations. The same widget action can also be used to set it back to its original value of only showing the selected location.