Compare Scenarios

Created scenarios can be compared on Compare Scenarios page. When the user arrives on the page a dialog page pops up to select a few scenarios to compare.

Scenario Overview

If you have selected some scenarios, but you want to change that, the Scenario Overview dialog page can be opened from element '# of selected scenarios' on the Status Bar.


Another option to retrieve the dialog is using the page action button in the right bottom corner.


Here you can review the Scenarios currently saved in the database.


In this overview, you can select the scenarios using the checkboxes for each scenario description. (To Select all and Select none use the widget-action action menu in the top right corner of the widget.) Once you have made the selection, click Ok to see the comparison.


The scenario comparison requires that a dataset matching one of the selected scenarios is loaded.

For a practical example of how to compare scenarios in Network Design, read How to use Scenarios.

After scenarios are read the main properties are presented on the page for each. A bar chart summary is at the bottom of the page for each presented data type. The switch between data types can be handled by selecting a value in the table.


In the picture, we can see that the first scenario is marked gray, which means that it is considered as the base scenario for the next stage. As Cost Breakdown data type is selected in the table, in the bar chart the costs are visible for each scenario.

The page action in the right bottom corner opens the scenario selection dialog, where the user can add more or remove scenarios from the comparison view.