Demand Simulations

Customer Demand greatly affects the solution of this model, but often Demand is uncertain. The analysis on this page offers insight into how the solution is impacted by changes in Demand.

The first table on this page shows the different scenarios and some of the key data.


Demand Simulations Input

You need to set two values:

  • how many demand simulations to execute

  • percentage increase/decrease for each simulation

Your selection is saved for the next time you view this page.


Then you can simulate by clicking "Execute Demand Simulation" in the page action menu in the bottom right corner of the page.


For each of the selected scenarios, it will run the simulations with the varying Demand, while keeping open/closed status for Resources unchanged.

This might lead to situations where the given capacities of the open Resources are insufficient. In that case, we allow for utilization above 100% of current capacity, but with a clear indication that your model cannot handle this demand.

Demand Simulations Results

If you vary the demand, the utilization of the Resource will change. In the first bar chart, you will see the utilization of each resource for the different demand scenarios:


This table shows the results for only one scenario, which can be selected in the table Scenario Highlights.

A bar that goes above 100% capacity is colored red to indicate that this is not a feasible solution unless you extend the capacity.

Of course, these changes also have an impact on the cost of these scenarios. The last table shows the cost breakdown for the scenarios and the demand simulations.


If the model is infeasible, the bars are colored gray to indicate that this is not a real solution.