Deprecated Features

Single Transportation Mode

Announcement date: April 15, 2021

Removal date: July 1, 2021


Network Design supports datasets containing multiple Modes of Transportation, as well as datasets containing single Mode of Transportation. As the majority of the users are using multiple Modes of Transportation, and nothing is lost by having only multiple modes of transportation, we have decided to remove the option to provide a single mode of transportation. You can still model with a single mode of transportation, but now you have to name that single mode in the transport sheets in the spreadsheet template.

  • Existing datasets and spreadsheet templates with multiple modes of transportation will continue to work without any problem: No action required.

  • Existing datasets with single mode of transport will continue to work without any problem: No action required.

  • Existing spreadsheet templates with single mode of transportation will require these actions before they can be imported as datasets. For now, you can still use the old way, but no longer after July 1.


In order to be able to load datasets with the Single Transportation Mode, the following changes are needed:

  1. Check Wizard option Consider multiple transportation modes in Step 2 of the wizard. (This question will disappear when have removed the functionality from the applications)

  2. Rename Excel sheet "Transport Product Data" to "Trans Type Product Data", if present.

  3. Rename Excel sheet "Transportation Cost Data" to "Transport Cost Data", if present.

  4. Rename Excel sheet "Transportation Constraint Data" to "Transport Constraint Data", if present.

  5. Add an extra first column with the header Mode of Transport to these three sheets.

  6. Fill this column with a Mode of Transport name.

More information

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