Getting Started

Taking into account the location and the capacity of the suppliers, the location and volume of the demand, the location and capacity of resources, and the capacity of your transportation network, Network Design helps you solve business problems such as:

  • How can I make best use of existing resources (warehouses/distribution centers)?
  • Which of my resources would be more cost effective to close?
  • What is the best load sizes and paths to move products across your network?

Launching the App

To launch Network Design:

  1. Log into AIMMS PRO. The SC Navigator Applications menu appears.
  2. Click Launch App on the Network Design tile.

Basic Navigation

A menu icon menu-icon is available at the top center of every screen.

Click to view a menu of available pages in the app.

Pages are grouped in sections:

  • Home: This is the starting page where you can run optimization on your data.
  • Review: Pages showing details of the currently loaded input dataset.
  • Analysis: Pages where you solve the model, view results, and compare saved scenarios from other solutions.
  • Settings: Pages for loading data and managing saved solutions to different scenarios.

Loading data

Before you can get to work, you’ll need to load a saved Configuration and corresponding Dataset(s).

These have been created in Data Navigator.

Running Optimization

On the Home page and pages in the Analytics section, you can run the optimization model which is the central purpose of this app.

Click Optimize (the AIMMS logo button in the bottom right corner) to run the model on the currently loaded data.


The controls for optimization are found on the Home page.

Comparing Scenarios

Network Design allows you to make changes to the input data, run optimization again, and save the result as Scenarios which can then be compared to other scenarios to examine the effects of different kinds of changes.

Read more on How to use Scenarios.