Network Design opens on the Home page.

Load Configuration

Click Load Configuration to begin loading data to work with.

Network Design opens the Configuration page.

After loading a configuration, you can load a dataset on the Load Dataset page.

Current Network Flow

When data is loaded, the map shows details of your network. Nodes represent existing suppliers, resources (DCs, production facilities), and customers; arcs show paths for transport.

You can navigate to Review and Analytics from the blue buttons at the bottom.


When a dataset is loaded, you are ready to run the model. Before you begin, the time limit may need to be adjusted so the program has time to find a good solution for your data.

Click the AIMMS logo button in the bottom right corner to Optimize.


Network Design will determine the optimal design of your network and display it on the map. (This may take a while - have a cup of tea!)

Time Limit


The default time limit is one hour. (For smaller datasets, an optimal solution may be found sooner.)

To change the time limit:

Enter a new number in a decimal format. For example, the entry 1.50 = one and a half hours.

Network Design will return the best solution found within the time limit. The Optimality Gap measures how close the solution is to the “true” optimal.


You can control what is visible on the map on the Flows page (menu-icon Analytics > Flows).