Load Data

When Network Design opens, the user should select a Configuration and a Dataset to begin loading data to work with.

The loaded configuration and dataset are displayed on the status bar.



The Load Configuration dialog page shows a list of configurations that were created in Data Navigator and have been saved to the database.

To load a saved configuration:

  • Click Current Configuration on the Status bar to open the Configuration list.

  • Click the checkbox for a configuration, and then click Load Selected.

  • The line turns blue to indicate that the configuration is loaded.

After loading the configuration, a Load Dataset button appears at the bottom of the screen that will take you to the Dataset page.



After loading a configuration, you can load a dataset on the Load Dataset dialog page.

The Load Dataset dialog page presents a list of datasets saved for the currently loaded configuration. (If a configuration is not loaded, go to Configuration.)

In most cases, the Dataset Type column will only show Network Full Data. If you are using data from Center Of Gravity, select the column CoG Output checkbox as well.



In advanced use of Network Design, it is possible to create custom Dataset Types.

See Dataset Type.

To load a dataset:

  • Open the Load Dataset dialog from the Status Bar

  • Use the checkboxes to select a dataset (or datasets) and click Load Selected.

The line turns blue to indicate that the dataset is loaded.