E2E Report

This page shows more details about the costs shown on Cost To Serve Report page. It gives a visualization of how different products flow from Suppliers/Productions through DCs to Customers.

On this page you can select a level (Supplier/Production/DC/Customer) and than Locations or Facilities/Customers to show how products flow in the supply chain.

  • If you select a Customer you will see all the Facilities which are in the supply chain of that Customer.

  • If you select a Facility you will see all the Customers which have that Facility in their supply chain, and all the other Facilities which are connected to the originally selected Facility in order to supply the before mentioned Customers.

For more details see Select Level section below.



These costs are an approximation of the actual cost breakdown, as there are some assumptions made that might not apply to every situation.

  • The fixed costs are evenly distributed over the total throughput, while in reality, this cost might be different for different products. So if 100,000 units flow through a DC with a $1M fixed cost, each unit will get $10 of fixed cost assigned to it.

  • If one product comes from multiple locations (with different costs) into a particular location, the model does not have sufficient information to sort out the exact cost per product and customer, so we take the average cost per product based on the total cost for that product. This means that the cost shown may not be the actual cost per product and customer, but the sum of the cost breakdown is consistent with the total costs shown on the Cost Report page.

Select Level

Before visualizing anything on the map, you have to choose a level to work with. You will be able to select Locations or Facilities/Customers only on the selected level. Locations or Facilities/Customers on an other level will be visualized in the map and the table only if they are part of the supply chain of the selected ones. If you select a level, the Filters of that level will be active on the sidepanel, under the Product Filter.


For more about filters go to Filtering in Network Design.


In this map you can visualize all the routes going through the selected Facilities or to the selected Customer.

The map looks like this, when Production level and one Production facility selected:


You can zoom, scroll, and reset the map focus to the default area (from the action menu widget-action in the top right corner). By pointing the cursor exactly on the arcs, a tooltip can be viewed with the most important info of the lane: From and to locations, volume, cost (including custom costs) and custom objectives with their natural unit.


Hint: Pointing the cursor exactly on an arc might not be easy if the arc is thin. Using the action menu you can also enable the labels of the arc, and than point the cursor on the label. The tooltip will appear more easily.


Overview of cost breakdown for all demand, by route

This is the same data as in the "Overview of cost breakdown for all demand" table, on Cost To Serve Report page, but now it is broken down by the route through which it flows through the network. This allows you to see how and where the cost to serve is incurred. In this table, you see that every line with cost has an origin and a destination. If the origin and the destination are the same, the cost is incurred at that location. (Like supply cost, handling cost, production cost). If the origin and the destination are different, the cost is incurred between the two locations (Primary cost, Secondary cost, inter resource cost).

The resulting tables looks like this:


The order element is the order in which this goes through the network. A supplier has order 1 and the costumer location is the last one. (This order disappears when you are comparing multiple scenarios/cases.)

You can toggle between data per unit and per demand (from the action menu widget-action in the top right corner of the chart).