Customer Report

This page displays information on flows to Customers.


Secondary Transport for Selected Demand Location

This map presents the customers and resources in the model. Clicking on any demand location in the map will draw the connection between it and the resource which serves the demand.

Drive Time Distribution

The bar chart DriveTime Distribution gives you an idea of how many flows reach Customers within certain drive time ranges.


Customer Report Data

The table Distance and Duration from Resource to Customer shows distances between resources and customers for each product, in each available transportation mode.

The table Supplier to Customer Details shows the distances of direct transport, from suppliers to customers, in each available transportation mode.

The table Customer Details shows the demand forecast values. You can also mark if a customer should be single-sourced.

The initial data is pulled from the currently loaded dataset.

Data can be edited here, and you can rerun the model after making changes. Note that after doing so, the active solution will not be consistent with the saved dataset, but can be saved as a new Scenario.

The data interpretation is supported by the filters on the side panels, which are Product Filter, Resource Filter, Customer Filter, and Transport Filter. For more about filters go to Filtering in Network Design.