Results Overview

The Results overview page shows the optimal flows through the network.


The flows and nodes shown on the maps can be filtered using the filters in the side panel.

Node filter

Nodes are the geographic locations represented on the map.

Node Types are usually divided into Suppliers, Customers, and categories of Resources. Only nodes of the selected types will be displayed on the maps.

Product Filter

Use the checkboxes to filter by Product. Only flows for the selected products will be displayed on the map.

Transport Filter

Selected Transportation Mode

Using this filter you can select from the transportation modes defined in your input dataset. Only lanes that are included in that mode are presented on the map.

Show Transportation Types

Use the checkboxes to filter by Transport Type. Only flows of the selected types will be displayed on the map.

  • Primary flows go from Suppliers, and represent “the first mile” flows.

  • Secondary flows go to Customers, and represent “the last mile” flows.

  • Inter-Resource flows go-between Resources (Distribution Centers, Warehouses, etc.).

  • Direct flows go directly from a Supplier to a Customer.

You can view more details about Customer flows on the Customer Report page.

Reference Scenario

If you want to compare your current solution with the base scenario or with another solution, you can do that by selecting a Reference Scenario via the status bar. After the reference scenario is loaded, you can compare two solutions on two different maps.


Select Reference Scenario dialog has three different options:

  • Load - The selected scenario in the Select column will be loaded as reference.

  • Remove Selection - The selected reference scenario will be removed from the page, and only the current solution will be visible again.

  • Cancel - No changes applied.