Job List

The Job List page shows the jobs that were sent to the server. Every time a user clicks on Optimize a job is created and sent to the server to execute it. When execution is finished, results are sent back automatically and the user will see them. If in between, the user is disconnected from its session, the user can use this Job List page to load results from a previous job.

Job Overview


The Job Overview table shows all the jobs that were sent to the server in the last 30 days (or whatever retention time is specified in the PRO configuration: https://<your company name> For each job, you can see

  • the Job Name,
  • the Environment in which it was created,
  • the User who started the job,
  • the Application to which the job corresponds (Network Design in this case),
  • the Create Time and
  • a Description that indicates the status of the job.

Select Job

By clicking on a job in the Job Overview or by selecting a job in the Select Job widget, the user can select a certain job.

Load Selected Results

When a job is selected and the user clicks on Load Selected Results, the data corresponding to the selected job is loaded. Please note that this overwrites your current data.


To refresh the Job Overview page with all recently created jobs or modified settings, simply press the Refresh button.

Show All Jobs

The Job Overview table shows the jobs for the current user. If you want to see jobs for all users, turn on the Show All Jobs switch and press the Refresh button.