Release Notes

SC Navigator 2.18.01

Date: 31 October 2019

Network Design Navigator

  • New:
    • For multi-period models, open/closed status for a Resource can now be determined per period. This gives better insight into when to open or close a facility. You can access this functionality from new configuration wizard options in Data Navigator.

    • There is a new page Analytics>Customers>Adjust Demand where you can make specific adjustments to the demand. For example, by region or product group. See the documentation: Network Navigator - Customers

    • You can set the value for “Remain Open” and “Remain Closed” for all resources at once from an action menu on the Scenario Resource Control table on the Analytic page. See the documentation: Network Navigator - Analytics

    • There is a new page Analytics>Costs>Detailed Cost Breakdown, where you can see how the different costs types impact the cost to meet the demand at a particular location. See the documentation: Network Navigator - Cost Breakdown

    • Network Design Navigator now has a set of Executive pages. There you can compare multiple scenarios created in the analytics phase. There are three views:

      • Compare key results for multiple scenarios.
      • Compare cost breakdown and open/closed resources between two scenarios.
      • Compare demand simulations for multiple scenarios.

      See the documentation: Network Navigator - Executive

  • Improvement: You can solve the model from any Analytics page and save the results as a scenario.

  • Fixes:
    • Capacity increase by Resource and Product was not possible when Production Capacity by Resource was set as unlimited.
    • Reported calculation of the MIP gap is now consistent with solver calculation. This change has no impact on the solution, just the reporting.

S&OP Navigator

  • Improvement: In S&OP Executive Phase, now you can customize financial scenario names in the side panel.
  • Fix: TotalDistributionCost did not include distance between locations. This has been fixed so that, when unit transportation cost is the same, shipping cost is higher to locations with longer distances.

SC Navigator 2.17.01

Date: 11 July 2019

Data Navigator

  • New: Attribute overview on the Generate Data Template page indicates changes in the new configuration at-a-glance.
  • Improvement: UI text and Wizard questions have been edited for clarity.

Network Design Navigator

  • New: You can now model Production Facility resources. Production Facilities are similar to DC resources, but with some added options such as max capacity per product/facility. A resource can be both a DC and a Production Facility.
  • Improvement: A list of existing scenarios is displayed for reference on the Create Scenario page.

S&OP Navigator

  • Improvement: Wizard gives the option to skip translating Product/Location Groups in the Product Location table.