Secondary Transport Costing starts on the home page. This page helps you get an initial secondary transport cost function.

Load Data

  1. Click on Load Configuration.

  2. Select a configuration by checking the appropriate box in the Selected column, and click Load Selected. The configuration created in Data Navigator is loaded.

  3. Click Load Dataset to confirm your selection.

  4. Select a dataset from the loaded configuration and click Load Selected. The data imported from your Excel file into the SC Navigator database will be loaded.

  5. Click Go to Cost Function to go back to the home page. Your locations from the loaded data will appear on the map.

Determine Clustering

Click the AIMMS icon to run Determine Cost Function. The procedure determines an initial clustering and the corresponding cost function.

You can change the selected DC and number of clusters in the Clustering Input widget and run the procedure again.

MRI Scan Cost function


After determining an initial cost function, an MRI Scan representing the cost function appears on the right. Use the slider to increase/decrease the cost value. The Bubble Chart on the left shows you a bubble for each drop size and stem distance combination that is greater than or equal to the selected cost value.

The 3D chart on the right can help you understand what is shown in the MRI Scan, but does not show results from your data.

When you have an initial cost function, you can fine tune it on the Analytics pages. Or, go to Review pages to review and edit your input data.