Setting up Secondary Transport Costing data

Secondary Transport Costing can read configurations and datasets from the SC Navigator database. To import your data to this database, you need to use Data Navigator. Please see the Data Navigator documentation for more details about this app.

Basic configuration

  1. Launch Data Navigator.

  2. Select Secondary Transport Costing as the application type.

  3. In the Menu bar, select Secondary Transport Costing Data Wizard.

  4. Read the instructions and click Start wizard.

  5. Follow the prompts in the wizard. When you have answered all questions, an overview of your answers appears. Click Next to go to the Save Configuration page.

  6. Enter a name and description for your configuration. Click Finish to exit the wizard and save the configuration to the database.

Data import

  1. Click the arrow icon next to Download Template to download Excel Template. The file contains the relevant sheets according to your configuration in Secondary Transport Costing Data Wizard.

  2. Open Excel Template and enter the required data, e.g. your Location Data. Fill in all sheets and save the Excel file.

  3. Go back to Data Navigator and click Import Dataset Basic.

  4. Enter a name for the dataset to be imported from the Excel file you just created. You can also enter a description.

  5. Click the plus icon next to Select Excel File. Select the Excel file that you created above.

  6. Click the upload file icon to upload the Excel file to the database. Data Navigator returns a success message. If something goes wrong, error/warning message(s) will appear at the bottom of the page. The Import Dataset page provides information to correct the issues, or explains why the data cannot be imported.

  7. After importing, click Review Data to review what was imported to the database. If everything looks fine, you can close Data Navigator.