Executive Phase

User Accessibility

Executive pages are visible to users logged in as S&OP Process Coordinator or S&OP Leadership.

In Executive Phase, you can create scenarios with different demand and margin/selling price, and compare with existing reference data.

The financial KPI used here is EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization). It is calculated by subtracting expenses from revenue.

There are four components:

  1. Update input data: Margin/Selling Price, financial data. (Input Page)
  2. Create scenarios and modify monthly demand for the next two years. (Update Monthly Volume & Margin)
  3. Compare among scenarios. (Executive)
  4. Export details of the selected scenario. (Recap)

The goal of Executive phase is to solve user-created scenarios and compare them in the visualization. By default, once the Executive phase starts, optimizations are run for one created scenario and for reference data already specified in the dataset.

You may go to the Update Monthly Volume & Margin page to create your own scenarios and modify demand accordingly.