User Accessibility

Executive pages are visible to users logged in as S&OP Process Coordinator or S&OP Leadership.

The Recap page displays details of a created scenario and allows you to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

By choosing Selected Scenario Review, the optimization will solve for the selected scenario. Then may download the results into an .xlsx file.

The downloaded data file includes:

  • Margin, Volume, Revenue of each product (family) for all months.
  • Financial input data.
  • Production plan: production, utilization, inventory level of all facilities.

Below the download button, there is a chart comparing the selected scenario with reference scenarios.

The table below that displays all the numbers in chart. (This chart is the same as the chart Selected Scenario on the Executive page.)


The Details page (under Recap) shows all the details in this selected scenario.

  • Production plan details. (The same table is available on the Analytics page as Review Capacity and Production Plan.)
  • Input details used in calculation.