Update Monthly Volume & Margin

User Accessibility

Executive pages are visible to users logged in as S&OP Process Coordinator or S&OP Leadership.

On this page you can update your monthly demand data.

Create Scenarios

You can choose the number of scenarios to create (from 1 to 10). One scenario is created by default.

To modify numbers in each scenario:

  1. Select Which scenario to edit.
  2. Choose which year of the data to modify. You can view data for one year at a time.
  3. Enter desired numbers in the table Scenario Input (on the bottom left).
  4. Review the total revenue and volume by product family for the selected year in the table Total of the Year (on the bottom right).

In the next block of widgets, you can add comments for each change you commit, which will appear in the tables to the side.

Resulting monthly volume and revenue

The table Monthly Breakdown displays the volume, revenue, and average margin/selling price by product family, for each scenario, month by month.

You can update data in the Volume row until the current month.

You can filter specific scenarios in the widget to the right.