The S&OP app launches with the Home page. The page gives a summary of your user information, the status of the S&OP process, and links to key pages for each user group.

The links available on the Home page will change according to your user group.

  • While logged in as *S&OP Process Coordinator*

    • Load Configuration/Dataset

      1. Click Load Configuration.
      2. Select a configuration by checking the appropriate box in the Selected column, and click Load Selected. The configuration created by the S&OP Data Wizard in Data Navigator will be loaded.
      3. Click Load Dataset to confirm your selection.
      4. Select a dataset from the loaded configuration and click Load Selected. The corresponding data imported from your Excel file into the SC Navigator database will be loaded.
      5. Click Go to Control S&OP Process to directly control S&OP progress. (S&OP Process Control)
  • While logged in as *S&OP Commercial Sales Managers*

    • Current forecast overview

      The page displays how many customers/products/locations are currently listed under the logged in user as Responsible Sales.

    • Make forecast adjustments

      Four links on this page direct to Forecast page, and pages to make single or batch forecast adjustments.

  • While logged in as *S&OP Demand Managers*

    Four links on the page directs you to review previous changes made by the account managers, Demand page, or make single or batch forecast adjustments.

  • While logged in as *S&OP Supply Managers*

    The links directly lead you to the page to update forecast, review the forecast changes made in this phase, or Capacity Analysis page.

  • While logged in as *S&OP Leadership Team*