User Management

The administrator can create and edit user groups in the SC Navigator portal.

User groups

There are five user groups involved in different phases of the S&OP process:

  • S&OP Process Coordinator oversees the process. This role has access to all pages, and controls the start/end of each phase.
  • S&OP Commercial Sales Manager, or Account Manager, provides demand forecasts for their customers. Each user in this group is associated with their own dataset so commission can be calculated per user.
  • S&OP Demand Manager reviews the updated forecasts on an aggregated level - for example, Product Family.
  • S&OP Supply Manager provides up-to-date capacity or supply capability, and generates production plans that balance with demand and supply.
  • S&OP Leadership Team users analyze the financial impacts on the company based on different scenarios.

User access rights

The chart below represents the access rights to the various areas of S&OP Navigator by user group.