New Features in SC Navigator

Besides Differences between SC Navigator and Network Design, there are also completely new features introduced in SC Navigator, namely:

Next we discuss each of these new features in turn.

Optimize for maximum revenue and maximum profit

In SC Navigator you can optimize not only for minimum cost, but also for the maximum revenue or the maximum profit. You can choose the objective of the optimization in the Model Control table on the Control Panel page. You can can read more about the Control Panel in the section Control Panel.


Customer fulfillment as an option

In SC Navigator the customer fulfillment is not a fixed parameter, but can be changed according to your needs. You can set to allow unfulfilled demand and you can also set the minimum rate of fulfillment. You can allow unfulfilled demand by ticking the corresponding option in the Model Control table on the Control Panel page.


In the template on Customer Product Data sheet there is a Minimum Fulfillment Rate column where you can define the minimum fulfillment rate for each customer and each product.


In SC Navigator you can add Inventory data. In the template there are two separate sheets for inventory data: Inventory and Inventory Product. You can add different attributes for inventory on both sheets, such as:

  • Availability

  • Minimum/Maximum Capacity

  • Variable Cost

  • Target

  • Target Violation Cost (Inventory)

  • Variable Inventory Holding

Inventory data can be found on the Warehouse Data page, where also the input data may be modified. You can read about more about this in the section Warehouse Data.

The results related to inventory are shown on the Warehouse Results page, where you can find an overview of the inventory usage and the costs. You can read about more about this in the section Warehouse Results.

Batch Scenarios and Data Saving

After loading the input data, you can also save these data. You can read more about loading the data in the section Load Data Dialog and about saving the data in the section Save Data Dialog.

After optimization, you can save the result as Result Data in order to review, change, or compare it later.

In SC Navigator you have the possibility to create Scenarios for studying the impact of some anticipated or unanticipated situations. There are two types of Scenarios.

The first type includes: Supplier Scenario , Production Scenario, Warehouse Scenario, Transport Scenario, Customer Scenario, and Control Panel Scenario. The first type allows you to specify how the input data may change.

The second type of scenarios (i.e. Network Scenario) consists of a combination of scenarios of the first type. You can read more about scenarios in the section Scenarios.