Production Data

On this page you can find data related to the Production category, such as:

  • Availability

  • Open/Close

  • Capacity

  • Costs

These data are in the form provided in the Excel file(s) or the database. The data attributes shown on this page are the same as the attributes which are present in the Excel file(s) or are stored in the database. At this stage the data are on the group level and no scenarios have been applied to these data, yet. These data are displayed in the table Production Data.

The inspection and the interpretation of these data are supported by the following filters on the side panels: Production Filters , Product Filters and Period Filters.

Production Data Table

The table Production Data shows details about the availability, the capacities, and the costs of the production facilities.


The numbers marked in blue may be modified. For example, in order to modify the fixed cost of a production facility you can adjust the value in the Fixed Cost column.