Control Panel Scenario

On this page you can create scenarios for the data included on the page Control Panel.

The data based on which scenarios can be created are:

  • Model Control

  • Min/Max Constraints

    • Maximum and Minimum Number of Locations/Suppliers/Productions/Warehouses by Period

  • Minimum Required and Maximum Allowed by:

    • Custom Objective

    • Custom Objective and Activity Type

    • Custom Objective and Location

    • Custom Objective and Mode of Transport

  • Location Open/Close Data

    • Force Close, Force Open, Fixed Cost by Location

  • Location Based Transport Data (this is on Transport Data page)

    • Maximum Number of Destination/Source Locations by Product and Location

This page is divided into the following sections:

  • Model Control: This part is meant for defining the values for the model control options included in this scenario.

  • Select Type: This part can be used to select the Custom Objective, Activity Type, Location, Product, Mode of Transport, or their combinations which you want to modify.

  • Select Attribute: This section allows you to choose the data attribute which you want to modify, such as the Maximum Warehouses or Minimum Requirements. The list of available attributes is updated based on the selection in Select Type. For example, if you do not make any selections there, this list will include Min/Max Warehouses. However, if you select some Custom Objectives, the list of attributes becomes Min Required and Max Allowed. You can also define the value in each time period in the table located below it. It is worth noting that, unlike other scenario categories, only ‘Value Overwrite’ is available in this section.

  • Changed Data: The right-hand side table displays the resulting changes, color-coded along with tooltips for easy reference.

You can use the page actions in order to save, create new, load, and apply the scenario data, see the section Scenario Page Actions for more details.


  • Scenario 1: Relax Leadtime in this scenario

    • In the Model Control, check the selection box of ‘Relax Leadtime’.

    • Save scenario using the page action button.

  • Scenario 2: Increase Maximum Number of Warehouses to 120 in 2022-2

    • Skip the Select Type, because ‘Maximum Number of Warehouses’ is defined only over Period.

    • In Select Attribute select ‘Max Warehouses’ from the drop-down list.

    • In the table underneath, enter the value 120 in the cell at the intersect of the row ‘Value Overwrite’ and period column ‘2022-2’.