On this page, you can load and delete existing configurations. See Load Configuration for details.

Generate Data Template

You can download a Data Template as an Excel file that labels all the required attribute fields for the loaded Configuration. See Generate Data Template for details.

Import Dataset

On this page, you can import your filled data template file and save your data to the SC Navigator database. See Import Data for details.


On this page, you can see the datasets that are stored in the SC Navigator. By default, it only shows the datasets for current configuration. You need to uncheck the switch Only Current Configuration to see all available datasets.

Dataset Type

On this page, you can manage the contents of a dataset types. You can also create custom dataset types depending on your needs.


This page makes it easy to import data from other SC Navigator apps. This can be useful for debugging purposes, as you can avoid importing the same data from Excel files.

This may also be useful if you have a testing environment and want to quickly import data from your production environment, or vice versa.